Soad: Hello, I am Soad24k.
Pawz: And I'm Pawz.
Soad: We made this blog so we can meet and see other bronies.
Pawz: We also do RPs and answer stuff y'all wanna hear.
Soad: So, send us some questions. They could be naughty or clean.
Pawz: But don't make it fuckin' sick. That means you too anons!

M!A: n/a


ghost-marine asked
Soul held the kiss groaping your ass

Pawlin giggled in the kiss.

chskcsmith asked
Pearl: *he bobs a little faster, sucking on her horn more.*

Soadia moans more as her horn glows more.




Mod: I know i posted that once but i thought i could do it again.

Mod: this music is awesome!

Mod: I know. This music is the main point why i became a fan of Antasma.