Soad: Hello, I am Soad24k.
Pawz: And I'm Pawz.
Soad: We made this blog so we can meet and see other bronies.
Pawz: We also do RPs and answer stuff y'all wanna hear.
Soad: So, send us some questions. They could be naughty or clean.
Pawz: But don't make it fuckin' sick. That means you too anons!

M!A: n/a



♡ Holy fuck, it’s your 27th birthday, you cute little shit. Happy birthday Michael Vincent “Rage Quit/Mogar" Jones. I love you. 

[] Someone please help me get Michael to see this, tweet it all day if you must.

chskcsmith asked
Pearl: I'm sure she does. -they arrive at his house-

Soadia smiled as she walk in. “Mmm, I’m so tired.”

gabetheponyisagaurdian asked
i just what to ask what with your eyes pawz are there dragon eye how did you get them or you where born with them do tell

Pawz: I’m not dragon, i’m part zebra and Pegasus.

ghost-marine asked
Soul moaned then giggled a little "you may have as much as you like"

Pawlin smiled as she keeps licking.