Soad: Hello, I am Soad24k.
Pawz: And I'm Pawz.
Soad: We made this blog so we can meet and see other bronies.
Pawz: We also do RPs and answer stuff y'all wanna hear.
Soad: So, send us some questions. They could be naughty or clean.
Pawz: But don't make it fuckin' sick. That means you too anons!

M!A: n/a


chskcsmith asked
Pearl: I...I can't...take it.~ Ah, please, fuck me Soadia.~

Soadia giggled then lifted her hips up and pushed your shaft inside her. She gasped as she sank down, gripping your tightly as she takes you in.

chskcsmith asked
Pearl: *he gaspes a bit, wrapping his hooves around her waist.*

Soadia bit her lip as she moans some, grinding on your cock more.

ghost-marine asked
Soul let out a little moan

Pawlin: “Mm, these pants are in the way.” She slips your pants and panties down. “much better~” she starts fingering your marehood.

chskcsmith asked
Pearl: *he simply nods.* P-Please.~

Soadia smiled and moves over you and press her wet pussy on your cock and grinds on it.

chskcsmith asked
Pearl: *he pets her head, biting his lip some.*

Soadia: “Mmm, ready for more~”

chskcsmith asked
Pearl: *he moans as he pants heavily.*

Soadia pants a bit too as she licked some cum up.

ghost-marine asked
Soul smiled as you did

Pawlin moves to your marehood.

firemixer asked

Soadia gets some brownies.

firemixer asked
Ooo! they sound nice! i might order some too!

Soadia: “Alright.”

firemixer asked
-goes into sugarcube corner with her- So what are you going to order?

Soadia: “Mmm, some brownies would be nice”.